buzz-11-300x244Professional Porch Sitters Union Local No. 4300
Alternate Sundays, 6–7 pm

Get unbusy with Buzz and cohost Cornelius O’Quinn at the Professional Porch Sitters Union Local No. 4300. Sit down with a glass of lemonade and join in on porch chatter about the weather, goings-on in the community, gardening, raising chickens, road repairs, gourmet recipes, fishing, or whatever else comes to mind, plus stories, music, and a whole lot of fun.

Buzz is a community and Grange advocate who has lived on the side of Mt. Murphy with his wife, Linda, and a bunch of critters since the 1980s. He is the lecturer for the California State Grange and is actively involved with the Marshall Grange in Garden Valley. He has been a KFOK broadcaster since 2009 and a supporter of the American River Folk Society since its beginning.



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Buzz is President of the Board of Directors of the American River Folk Society, the license holder for KFOK.

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