Kathy Drew

Growlersburg Nuggets
Fridays 2 to 3PM


Kathy Drew is celebrating 20 years as Creative Director of Interactive Entertainment, who’s company goal is to bring historical legends to life. From Cheyenne, Wyoming, Kathy relocated to California 4 years ago and has lived on the Divide for the last 3. She enjoys her mountain top home with her sweetheart Dan Rainey and their 2 dogs Tammy and Belle Starr, both rescues. A passion for history and community spirit, Kathy has jumped in with both feet to participate with fundraisers on the Divide, including writing and performing Murder Mystery Dinners such as the ones for Drug Free Divide. Retired 2 years now, she enjoys her free time, but spends most of it working where she’s needed in the community, including now sharing Radio time with Kathleen Lindsen on Friday afternoons show “Growlersburg Nuggets”.

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