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Are there other ways to listen to KFOK live?

Live on your FM radio

KFOK LPFM is a low power FM radio station.  Low power meaning 2 big watts of power.  That will reach upwards of 5 miles away.  So if you are in the area of Georgetown, CA then tune in to 95.1 on your FM radio.

How to Stream KFOK LPFM on the Internet

Stream live on the Internet by visiting our SHOUTcast page.

How to Stream KFOK LPFM on iTunes or Winamp

Stream live with iTunes or WinAmp.  Open to begin streaming KFOK through your media player.  Just download the listen.pls file to your computer, Double click on the file and that will start iTunes or WinAmp and connect you to KFOK Live.

How to Stream KFOK LPFM on Your Smartphone

It’s easy to listen with your smartphone while you’re driving, walking, relaxing in the garden, or riding your lawnmower!  Simply download the free SHOUTcast app on your smartphone, then search for and select KFOK to begin instant streaming.

What makes KFOK different from other radio stations?

Most radio stations are commercially operated, meaning that their bottom line is the bottom line: They exist to produce profit for their owners.

KFOK Community Radio, like other low-power radio stations authorized by the Federal Communications Commission, is a nonprofit operation: Our purpose is to serve the community. We broadcast information about local organizations, local government services, and local events. Our programs reflect or extend the interests of community members. In the event of a local emergency, we will broadcast information so that, if necessary, community members know how to respond or react.

The Listen Live button is not working for me



The Listen Live button is suppost to open a pop-up window in the top left of your screen that liiks like the image. It has two elements.

1. The KFOK Image

2. The Player Bar


General Issues:

1. Is Flash Player installed and working?  Test Adobe Flash

2. Are pop-up windows being blocked by your browser?


FireFox Issues:

1. Make sure you have the latest version of FireFox. Click Here


1. Not displaying the Player Bar.

      Right click on the KFOK Image, then click the circular arrow to refresh the page. That should display the KFOK image again and now you should see the player bar and start hearing KFOK.




Who decides which type of music a show features or which topic a show is about?

At KFOK Community Radio, program hosts select the subject matter and content of their shows. The radio station management has no authority over the music selection or topic selection and restricts only content that violates Federal Communications Commission regulations.

Why do you play [fill in the blank] music/talk about [fill in the blank]? I don’t want to listen to that.

We have a diverse variety of programs that feature various types of music or cover an array of topics, so check our website’s Broadcast Schedule and/or the Broadcaster Profiles page to find programs that do appeal to you. (If nothing appeals to you, go to the next question.) You are welcome to express your opinions, but we will not remove a program from the air because of listener objections based solely on selection of content.


The idea of community radio is that, unlike on commercial radio and in much of mainstream media in general, all interests and opinions that are not outright objectionable are valid, and program hosts are free to express them as long as the broadcasters adhere to FCC regulations. If a music genre displeases you or you disagree with the viewpoints expressed during a public-affairs program, keep in mind that these hosts are exercising their First Amendment rights.


Understand, too, that if you were to join them on our roster of KFOK broadcasters, they would respect your differences in musical tastes or sociopolitical ideology, just as they are entitled to your respect for their individuality. We at KFOK don’t always share musical tastes or agree with each other’s ideas, but we support freedom of expression and the right to hold and declare beliefs that may diverge from those of others. We strongly believe that this approach is patriotic and proper.

Why don’t you play [fill in the blank] music?/Why don’t you have a show about [fill in the blank]?

KFOK Community Radio is a free-form radio station, meaning that, as opposed to many other media outlets (especially those owned by media corporations), we do not dictate content to program hosts. If we do not offer a program focusing on a certain genre of music or on a specific topic, it is only because no current broadcaster has expressed interest in hosting such a program.

If you are a fan of a type of music we don’t play or are interested in a public-affairs topic not discussed on one of our programs, apply to host your own show (no broadcast experience is necessary) featuring that music or that topic, or encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same. We always welcome applications from prospective new broadcasters, and we seek to further diversify our range of programs.


Alternatively, if there is sufficient demand for a particular type of program but no broadcaster is interested in hosting such a show, we can try to acquire syndicated programming that closely matches what listeners want to hear. Send suggestions to our program director.

Sometimes, when I listen to [fill in the blank]’s program on a particular day, there’s music, but I never hear the host. What’s going on?

All our broadcasters are volunteers who devote a certain amount of time to hosting one or more programs, but this participation is just one part of their busy lives, and for one reason or another, they cannot always be present for an air shift, and we do not have enough other broadcasters with flexible schedules to routinely provide substitute hosts.


If you note the absence of a live broadcaster during a hosted program, it’s likely that the broadcaster is unavailable for that air shift, so what you hear is automated, randomly selected music in a certain genre, queued up for just that eventuality.

Why are most hosts’ shows on only an hour or two once a week, rather than several hours a day, like on other radio stations?

Please read the first part of the response to the previous question.


Also, hosting a program takes much time and energy. We have no production staff, so broadcasters cue and play their own music selections or other recordings and operate the broadcast console themselves. In addition, a one-hour public-affairs program takes up to several hours to prepare, and music shows also require some time as the host preselects music for each air shift.

Why are some programs listed with people’s names and some without?

Programs listed on the Broadcast Schedule followed by a person’s name are live programs. Those without a person’s name are syndicated programs (prerecorded recurring shows obtained from other radio stations) or are blocks of automated music from a specific genre.

Why can’t I hear KFOK from [fill in the location]?

Because of the Georgetown Divide’s rugged terrain, the broadcast signal from our antenna may be obstructed by hills and ridges. The signal varies from time to time, but if you get a weak signal, or none, you might have the misfortune of not being able to receive our broadcasts clearly. If you have a good Internet connection, stream us from the website. (Go to the home page and click on the “Listen Live!” streaming link.)

Can I get involved with KFOK without becoming a broadcaster?

Certainly! We have several volunteers who aren’t program hosts. KFOK has no paid staff, so we rely on broadcasters and other volunteers to perform all the tasks associated with running a business and raising funds. We’re always happy to have people to offer help with managing and running the station as well as assisting with fund-raising. Contact our general manager for more information.

Where can I send CDs/singles/records/tapes for airplay consideration on KFOK?

We encourage record labels and independent artists to seek our assistance in getting their music heard! Send your music to:

Music Director
KFOK Community Radio
PO Box 4238
Georgetown, CA 95634

Keep Community Radio Alive!

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KFOK Community Radio
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Georgetown, CA 95634


Singers, Bands, Managers, Agents, Record Labels

Send your music to the attention of "Music Director" at the address below to get it played on KFOK Community Radio.

KFOK Community Radio is located at 6290 Main Street in Georgetown, California 95634. Our staff is all volunteer and we do not keep regular business hours, so please call us at (530) 333-4335 before coming by to visit!

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