What Is Underwriting?

Underwriting is a means for individuals, businesses, and organizations to publicize the financial support they provide to a nonprofit organization while informing the community about what they have to offer.
For $95.10, KFOK Community Radio will acknowledge you, your business, or your organization on the air twice an hour at least twice a week for three months. That comes out to more than 50 on-air references. (We'll also feature you on our home page for a week at a time in rotation with other underwriters, as well as list you in our underwriters' directory.)

Are You Selling Me an Advertisement?

As a nonprofit operation, we are not allowed to sell advertising, but we can announce neutral information such as a company or organization's name, goods and/or services offered, location, business hours, and contact information (or any combination applicable to a specific underwriter).

How Does This Benefit Me?

For about $30 a month, we help you reach out to our audience, which hears not only about what you offer but also that you support local community radio, a vital practical and cultural resource for the Georgetown Divide. An association with KFOK Community Radio strengthens public perception of your commitment to the community.

Why Does KFOK Offer Underwriting Acknowledgments?

KFOK is a nonprofit organization that pays for rent, utilities, maintenance and repairs, and supplies from funding provided by donors like you. The FCC requires us to announce the entities from which we receive financial support—but we would do so anyway, because we want the community to know about the individuals, businesses, and organizations that help us stay on the air.

Sounds Good—How Do I Sign Up?

Download the KFOK Underwriting Agreement

Download and complete the underwriting agreement, enclose it with your check for $95.10 in an envelope, and mail it to:

KFOK Community Radio
PO Box 4238
Georgetown, CA 95634

Please allow 1–4 weeks for KFOK to process your underwriting agreement and put your acknowledgment on the air. (Underwriting acknowledgments are updated monthly.)

After a couple of months, we will send you a renewal reminder so you can continue your support. Thank you.

Keep Community Radio Alive!

Help Us Keep Community Radio Alive!

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 Make a Tax-Deductible Donation Through PayPal

Or make a check out to KFOK Community Radio and mail it to:

KFOK Community Radio
PO Box 4238
Georgetown, CA 95634


Singers, Bands, Managers, Agents, Record Labels

Send your music to the attention of "Music Director" at the address below to get it played on KFOK Community Radio.

KFOK Community Radio is located at 6290 Main Street in Georgetown, California 95634. Our staff is all volunteer and we do not keep regular business hours, so please call us at (530) 333-4335 before coming by to visit!

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