You'll find an impressive variety of programming on KFOK Community Radio. We present various public-affairs and public-interest programs, many with occasional or frequent interviews with studio or phone-in guests, with topics selected by the program hosts. These programs tend to be scheduled in the morning (usually 9–10 am), during the midday (noon–1 pm or 1–2 pm), or in the late afternoon (5–6 pm).

However, most of our programs feature music, either from a single genre or consisting of a mix of several similar styles. Each program host decides what type or types of music to play, and throughout a given day, or over the course of a week, you will hear many diverse programs, no two exactly alike. (Some mix talk and music.)

Nonmusic programs are generally an hour long. Most music programs are two hours long, though some last three hours and a couple are an hour long. Program hosts tend to host a program just once a week, though a few have two or more distinct programs.

If you listen long or often enough, you will hear three types of music programming: live broadcasting, in which local program hosts present their favorite music; syndicated programs, which are produced on other radio stations and offered for rebroadcast; and automated music, which consists of songs uploaded to a computer in our studio. When no live or syndicated program is scheduled, or a program host is unable to be present to present a show, the computer randomly selects songs from groups of songs categorized by genre.

We prefer to present live programming, of course, but because our program hosts are volunteers with other commitments and interests, we are not able to present locally produced program throughout the day, every day. One day, perhaps, we will achieve our goal of doing so, at least during early-morning to late-evening hours.

View our Broadcast Schedule for a chronological list of programs with named hosts and show descriptions, or enjoy our syndicated and automated programming as well, and check out our Broadcaster Profiles page for more information about the programs and the people who bring them to you.

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What Makes Us Different?

KFOK Community Radio isn't like most other radio stations. Commercial stations and many other low-power, noncommercial stations follow a single music format -- Top 40, light jazz, country -- or, if they broadcast news and talk shows, the programs tend to adhere to a certain ideological viewpoint. Public radio stations may offer a variety of music (though there is a trend toward less variety), but their news and public-affairs programming tends to reflect the viewpoint of only one segment of potential listeners.

KFOK is different. We believe in celebrating the diversity of our community, and our broadcasters are welcome to play the music they wish to share with listeners or talk about topics and issues that are important to them -- and they may express their own opinion as long as they do so respectfully. No corporate overlords tell KFOK program hosts which songs they must play or what subjects they must discuss (or what positions to take on social and political issues).

As the increased influence of a few large media corporations steadily reduces the diversity of print and broadcast outlets, and as even public radio stations bow to economic pressures, community radio stations like KFOK become increasingly valuable alternatives to privately and publicly funded broadcasting companies.

With your support, and that of other community members, KFOK will continue to offer a valuable resource to the Georgetown Divide and beyond, and will provide broadcasters—your friends and neighbors (and perhaps you)—with a medium for expressing themselves and sharing their interests and opinions with other residents of the Divide, as well as more distant listeners.

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Singers, Bands, Managers, Agents, Record Labels

Send your music to the attention of "Music Director" at the address below to get it played on KFOK Community Radio.

KFOK Community Radio is located at 6290 Main Street in Georgetown, California 95634. Our staff is all volunteer and we do not keep regular business hours, so please call us at (530) 333-4335 before coming by to visit!

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