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Rockin' 50's & 60's (Music) with Pat Leeds 03/04/2015 02:00PM to 04:00PM

02:00PM-02:05PM (5:46) Larry Elgart & His Manhattan Swing Orchestra “in the mood” from Hooked On Swing (CD, Album, Pop/Rock, 2007) on K-tel Local

02:05PM-02:10PM (4:58) Animals “House of the rising sun” from 20 Best of Rockin 60's (CD, Single, Pop/Rock, 2004) on Madacy Special Products Local

02:10PM-02:13PM (3:08) Bill Doggett “Honky Tonk Part 1” from 200 Greatest Hits Of the 1950's (CD, Single, Pop/Rock, 2010) on Craze Productions Local

02:13PM-02:16PM (2:28) Mel Carter “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me” from Golden Hits Forever, Vol. 6 (CD, Single, Pop/Rock, 2009) on Craze Productions Local

02:16PM-02:19PM (3:00) Statler Brothers “Hello Marylou” from 150 #1 Hits Of The '50s (CD, Album, Pop/Rock) Local

02:19PM-02:22PM (2:45) Elvis Presley “love me” from Elvis! The Ultimate Elvis Presley (CD, Single, Pop/Rock) on Double Gold Collection Local

02:22PM-02:26PM (4:07) ABBA “Take a chance on me” from ABBA 40/40 The Best Selection (CD, Album, Pop/Rock) on Universal Music AB Local

02:26PM-02:29PM (2:53) Al Martino “Mary in the Morning” from A Gentleman of Music (CD, Pop/Rock) on Orange Leisure Local

02:29PM-02:32PM (3:00) Barbara Streisand & Neil Diamond “You Don't Bring Me Flower” from Instrumental Classics Romantic Piano, Vol. 2 (CD, Album, Pop/Rock) Local

02:32PM-02:35PM (3:00) Willie Nelson “blue Eyes Crying In the Rain” from Greatest Hits (CD, Single, Pop/Rock) Local

02:35PM-02:36PM (1:53) Chiffons “He’s so Fine” from Street Corner Symphonies - The Complete Story of Doo Wop Vol. 15: 1963 (CD, Single, Pop/Rock) on Bear Family Records GmbH Local

02:36PM-02:39PM (2:08) Chordettes “lollipop” from Hit Parade 1958, Vol. 2 (CD, Single, Pop/Rock, 2012) on JB Production Local

02:39PM-02:42PM (3:01) Don Gibson “Oh, Lonesome Me” from First Offense (CD, Single, Country, 2004) on Miss Behavin' Local

02:42PM-02:45PM (3:00) Browns “The Old Lamplighter” from 100 Hits from 1960 (CD, Single, Pop/Rock) Local

02:45PM-02:47PM (2:14) Champs “tequila” from 1940 - 1960 : The Best Songs, Vol. 2 (CD, Single, Pop/Rock, 2010) on Seniors Local

02:52PM-02:55PM (3:00) John Denver “I'm Sorry” from Back Home Again (CD, Single, Country) Local

02:55PM-02:57PM (2:07) Jerry Vale “camelot” from Very Best of Jerry Vale (CD, Single, Pop/Rock, 2003) on Curb Records Local

03:03PM-03:06PM (3:00) Brothers Four “green fields” from 1960 Brit Parade - All the Hits from the 1960 U.K. Charts Vol. 2 (CD, Pop/Rock) Local

03:12PM-03:15PM (3:00) Barry Manilow “copacabana” from Copacabana (CD, Single, Pop/Rock) Local

03:15PM-03:18PM (3:00) Craig Raymond And The Next Generation Big Jazz Band “that's all” from STRAIGHT AHEAD (CD, Album, Jazz, 2005) on Star Satellite Records Local

03:18PM-03:20PM (2:14) George Hamilton IV “Abilene” from 100 Country Classics (CD, Single, Country, 2010) on Classic Music International Local

03:20PM-03:23PM (3:00) Everly Brothers “All I Have To Do Is Dream” from 100 #1 of the 60's (The Greatest Hits) (CD, Single, Pop/Rock) on Puzzle Productions Local

03:23PM-03:27PM (3:23) Eddie Howard “To each his own” from Gold Legends - Two Classic Artists - EP (CD, Single, Pop/Rock) on Suburban Squire Local

03:27PM-03:30PM (2:57) Eddie Fisher “Wish you where here” from A Music Collection: Stand By Me (CD, Single, Pop/Rock) on Itwhy Local

03:30PM-03:32PM (2:36) Drifters “Up on the Roof” from All Hits (CD, Single, Pop/Rock, 2012) on Turbo Records Local

03:32PM-03:35PM (3:00) Four Lads “Enchanted Island” from Hit Parade 1955 (CD, Single, Pop/Rock, 2012) on JB Production CH Local

03:35PM-03:38PM (3:02) Carpenters “Sweet, Sweet Smile” from Carpenters Gold - 35th Anniversary Edition (CD, Single, Pop/Rock, 2004) on A&M Records Local

03:38PM-03:41PM (3:00) FleetwoodsCome “Come Softly to Me” from Come Softly to Me (CD, Single, Pop/Rock) Local

03:41PM-03:44PM (2:42) Dinah Washington “unforgettable” from Unforgettable (CD, Single, Pop/Rock, 1991) on Verve Records Local

03:44PM-03:47PM (3:00) Dean Martin “Return to me” from 100 #1 Hits of the Decade 1950-1959 (CD, Single, Pop/Rock) Local

03:52PM-03:55PM (3:00) Santana “Evil ways” from 10 Wrek'd Songs (CD, Single, Pop/Rock) Local

03:55PM-03:57PM (2:25) Jo Stafford “i'll Be Seeing You” from 95 Favorites by Jo Stafford (CD, Album, Pop/Rock, 2013) on ubiquitous Local

03:57PM-04:00PM (3:00) Henry Mancini & Hiis Orchestra “Blue Satin” from Mr. Lucky (CD, Album, Pop/Rock) on Collector´s Series Local

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