About Us

KFOK: Who Are We?

       In January of 2000 the Federal Communications Commission authorized the formation of low-power FM radio stations. Georgetown’s KFOK-LPFM is the voice of the American River Folk Society, and is licensed through the American River Folk Society (ARFS) and under the auspices of the 2000 FCC ruling. ARFS serves the Mother Lode of the Sierra Nevada and promotes all things folk and more. Information on contacting ARFS can be found on our contact page.
    Volunteerism is on full display as KFOK is entirely dependent upon volunteer broadcasters for programming and relies solely on donations from the community as well as financial support from underwriters. Volunteers also drive other aspects of KFOK, such as maintaining the station facilities and the broadcast equipment.
   KFOK offers a non-commercial avenue for local broadcasting that is reflective of the Georgetown Divide and beyond. Broadcasters provide a diverse and talented array of music, discussion and information, and while broadcasting is local and occurs within the studios of KFOK, it is also able to be accessed online at KFOK.org as well as at 95.1 FM.
A Little History
   KFOK-LPFM began broadcasting on November 22, 2002 after the tireless efforts of many volunteers through meetings, licensing hearings, and fundraising. Beginning in a small, cramped quarter on the alley behind and adjacent to the fire station on Main Street in downtown Georgetown, the broadcast studio moved a few hundred feet to the back of Eldon’s Barbershop in 2003. Not moving too far in 2007, KFOK now sends its signal from the location in downtown Georgetown as seen in the header on the pages of this website.