Thoughts of folk music invoke the idea of genres such as traditional, public-domain songs and musical styles that are passed from generation to generation within cultural regions. Country and bluegrass are in the forefront, but the American River Folk Society (ARFS) embraces these as well as rock, blues, Americana, jazz, reggae, and various other musical forms. ARFS is active in supporting music as well as community events that include arts and crafts, storytelling/ spoken word art, comedy, poetry, and dance.

   In addition to live entertainment and the many live musical events each year at various locations here on the Divide, ARFS actively supports educational outreach by arranging school visits by artists and performers. In turn, students develop an understanding of storytelling, songwriting, the making of music, and other artistic endeavors. Cultural traditions can be connected to present-day educational opportunities to foster the continued development of interest in various folk and other traditions.

   ARFS continues to serve the Mother Lode of the Sierra Nevada, and relies on members for financial support as well as support with the myriad activities available through ARFS. To become a member or to find out more about the American River Folk Society, visit the contact page at