Become an Underwriter!

All of the funding for KFOK Community Radio, a nonprofit community radio station under the licensing of the American River Folk Society, comes from financial contributions by individuals, businesses, and organizations. When you underwrite KFOK programming, you help support an important community resource and cultural asset while providing yourself with a unique marketing tool at the same time.

Why become an underwriter?

Some of the obvious benefits are:

  1. An association with KFOK Community Radio programming strengthens public perception of your commitment to the community.
  2. By fostering improvements and broadcast expansion at KFOK through underwriting, you directly increase the listening audience and potential target market for your goods and services.
  3. Underwriters are mentioned regularly on the air with our thanks for your support. We mention your name, address, and contact information and the goods and services, if any, that you provide.
  4. We provide you with an opportunity to reach a targeted audience based on the wide variety of formats for individual shows: Underwriting options can include sponsorship of specialty programs such as folk, jazz, blues, rock, or Christian music, or public-affairs programs about aging, science, etc.
  5. Your business also will be featured on the ARFS KFOK website with the information you provide.

  6. We have Quarterly rates of $95.10 or discounted rates paid Semi-annually at $180 or Annually at $350 and Corporate Sponsorships available in any amount. This includes a minimum of two on-air mentions per hour, twice a week.
    For those interested in joining ARFS and underwriting on KFOK, please see the enclosed membership form for options.
    Gain community exposure while supporting the American River Folk Society and your community radio station.


    Speak with your favorite KFOK broadcaster, who will help you with any information you might need. Or visit for more information. Then, just complete an Underwriting Agreement and mail it to us with a check or via Pay Pal in the amount of your chosen underwriting option. Please allow 1–4 weeks for KFOK to process your underwriting agreement and get your announcement on the air. Underwriting announcements are updated monthly on the first of each month. We will send you a renewal reminder so you can continue your support. We appreciate your contribution.

    Thank you for your support.