Greg Thompson

  • X Marks The Spot
  • The Unheard Music

Since 2004 Greg’s show features music that originates from the Los Angeles punk scene of the late ’70s and early ’80s, and newer music spawned from that culture and era. There are also frequent trips to London and New York City.

Born and raised in the Los Angeles area, Greg misspent much of his adolescence hanging out at the Whiskey A Go-Go, the Starwood, The Hollywood Palladium, Madame Wong’s (both East and West) and other questionable locales. Bands such as X, the Flesh Eaters, the Germs, the Plugz, Fear, the Alley Cats, the Mentors, and the Dead Kennedys were often featured at these clubs.
After a short time, bands such as the Blasters, Los Lobos, Dream Syndicate, Lone Justice and the James Harman Band were frequently playing in some of these venues.

Greg has lived in Georgetown since 1988, and plans to stay here until he gets kicked out.